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Cours d'art plastique 13 - 17 ans


Ceux qui ont toujours créé et souhaitent apprendre plus pour progresser et eviter la repetition vont avoir besoin de directives.

D'ailleurs l'education artistique a des effets positifs sur le développement cognitif, la réussite scolaire, les compétences sociales, la créativité, la capacité d’initiative »sur les enfants et les jeunes.



Apprendre en experimentant

donner expression à, 

dans ce monde visuel (et virtuel)




Art classes for children, group age 13 - 17


in the workshop in Ceret center, 23 rue st Ferréol, Atelier de Susanna


At this age not everyone is still motivated to be creatif naturally. Those who always found joy creating want to learn more.

To avoid repetition and stimulate creative development and drawing skills one need guidelines.

We'll develop observation skills, turn ideas into images, learn more about the various components of a drawing as contrast, 

compostition, lines, negative space, colour...without loosing the most important ingredients : imaginations and creativity


I suggest portrait drawings, study of the proportion of the human body, graffity, basics of perspective, land art, design, illustrations etc 

You will found us in the workshop as well as outside.


A personnal project can be fit in. Eg for those who want to follow art or design education and need to prepare a dossier to be accepted.


Wednesday afternoon 16:30 - 18:00


150 € 


Please mail for more info via "contact" page.

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